:key: - available after activation

  • Maked work with maps easier
  • Removed track write setting from gps devices, track writes and splits daily.
  • Create waypoints by click on map
  • Waypoint editor: change waypoint group
  • 10Hz GNSS support
  • Route update, display straight line from current position to destination point, highlight next route step line.
  • Online map support with loaded data storage for further offline use
  • Map configuration import/export
  • Route export to GPX :key:
  • Can hide bottom toolbar

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes gps not working -> fixed
  • Track displayed incorrectly if imported track points had equal date -> fixed
  • Optimized map render, now more smooth, less lugging
  • Faster launch
  • Updated map centering by gps position, if main gps disabled - center by first active gps device
  • Speedometer shows incorrect speed -> fixed


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