If you have waypoint list on paper and need to fast enter them into Zinc.

  1. Create Waypoint Group. Open Waypoint menu, click on 'Create new'
  2. Select your waypoint group in the list by single click on it
  3. Press '+' button

Now you will see waypoint editor.

  • is ready to enter a coordinates
  • point have default values:
    • name - 1
    • value - 0
    • proximity - 30m
    • have not set availability time (point will be available in any time)
    • red proximity line color
    • yellow point text color
  • each option can be changed
  • you can input coordinates from real keyboard or virtual keyboard.
  • if you click 'Create Next' - your point will be created and editor is ready to get coordinates for next point (name input automatically increments by 1 but all another properties inherits previous entered point values)
  • if you have a lot points with similar coordinates (equal degrees as example), you can set coordinate 'Input start from default'.
    For example: you have all points with latitude N43 - enter that value and set 'Input start from default' to 4. Each next point you will not need to enter that data

Feel free to ask any questions!