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Active list. Fast point collecting.:checkered_flag:

  • List have 2 main order types (by distance or point value)

    • If you have many points with equal value -> nearest point will have higher priority
  • When you arrive point (your distance from point is less than point proximity) - action menu will be shown

    • There are 3 actions
      • Mark as taken - point automatically goes to bottom of list, marked with green background and point marker get green color dot
      • Mark as later - simply close menu, when you arrive that point next time - it will open, 'later' points have same order priority as not taked points. Have grey striped background in list.
      • Mark as 'unreachable' - point goes to bottom, in ordering have a bit higher priority as taked points. Have red dot and background in list.
  • Anyway you can manually open point action menu and change it state in any time

  • If point have 'Availability time', you can see it in list. If timer is red - it shows how much time left when point will be accessable. If timer is green - point can be taken, and timer show how much time you have to get that point.

  • If you need to reset all point state - go to waypoint menu, choose waypoint group and press reset button 0_1489431915109_2017-03-13_21-03-45-3fd8488696.png

Feel free to ask any questions!