How to get in Ozi maps

In this guide i'll show you, how convert map from ozi explorer to TMS in mercator projection and enable it in Zinc. Here I use a Global Mapper. You can do this in another apps (maptiler, gdal2tiles...)

Open map in Global Mapper 'Open Your Own Data Files'

Choose a map, and now you can see it

Open Overlay Control Center

Right click on your map layer row, and choose
'EXPORT - Export Selected Layer(s) to New File'
(You can load several maps and export them)

Choose 'TMS (Tile Map Service) Tiles'

click 'OK' (default settings)

choose folder where to save tiles (Good practice to create new folder for them)


Open Zinc, add new map

Browse the folder, where you saved converted map

Set map type to 'TMS'

Enable that map in preset


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Tommy Björklund said:

Is it possible to get an "navigation" screen we're you can run it split screen on a smaller screen in front of driver if codriver are out running we're it just show a arrow we're never point are and how far it is to it?

well, i plan to create device binding by bluetooth when i finish android version. Simply if driver have his own tablet or phone and codriver can control drivers tablet to show right course. But it is in far future.

About donate: i'm working with it. it will be license with symbolic price about ~50eur and +10eur for each future big upgrade.
Even i finish with it i will start to add a lot of features, like an odometers, fast waypoint creation, average speed control, corridor alerts, rally legend drawing, track analysis and more other.

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